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Please fill and sign this form after carefully considering our terms and conditions

We, at Yaa's Yums, are dedicated to safely and effectively carrying out our orders in a timely and professional manner.

We ask that our clients take note of the following terms and conditions before hiring us for your event, to avoid any issues and misconceptions.

The client is responsible for any deliverables as soon as they are delivered. Unless special terms have been arranged and agreed upon by both the client and Yaa's Yums. The client is also responsible and bound to the time frame for a pick-up order. Clients are liable if the change of time frame for a pick-up order causes schedule interference and inconvenience. This may result in fees.

To render services to the best of our ability, we ask that you make an order and finalize order details a minimum of 14 days before the pick-up/delivery date & time. Any orders made and finalized between 0 to 13 days before the pick-up/delivery of your order will incur a fee. You will be invoiced for any fees.

Yaa's Yums policies are as follows:

  • There is a delivery fee of ($.50/mile) associated with any order that is being delivered.

    • Wedding Cake Orders are ($1/mile)​

  • Yaa's Yums has a free 15-minute consultation. Any consultation that exceeds the first 15 minutes will have a Non-Refundable fee of $9 applied to your order total.

    • 30-minute wedding cake consultations​ have a non-refundable fee of $15

  • All large orders (of $150+) and all cake orders require a deposit upon signing of this contract. At least 50% of the order total is needed to secure the date and time for the delivery of services for large orders, cake orders, and custom wedding cakes.

  • Cancellations made after deposit or after full payment has been made are Non-Refundable. Arrangements and exceptions are at the discretion of Yaa's Yums.

  • Full payment for cake orders are due 14 days before pick-up/delivery date and full payment for all other orders are due 7 days before pick-up/delivery date

    • Full payment must be rendered at the very latest 7 days before pick-up/delivery date, no matter the type of order

    • Full payment for wedding cake orders are due 1 month before pick-up/delivery. Deposits are due a minimum of 2 months before pick-up/delivery

    • Wedding consultations and cake tasting payments are due a maximum of 7 days after both have taken place.

  • Changes* to orders are allowed up to 10 days before the pick-up/delivery date.

    • For custom wedding cakes, changes are allowed up to 2 months before pick-up/delivery date

  • Any last-minute changes* will incur a fee of $10 and must be paid before pick-up/delivery date and time.

    • A $50 fee is applied to last minute wedding cake changes​

  • Yaa's Yums is responsible for delivering products within a specified time. If there is any tardiness outside the specified timeframe that is not due to extenuating circumstances, on the part of Yaa's Yums; we are liable to provide a dessert credit. This should be discussed and agreed upon between both Yaa's Yums and the client.

  • Yaa's Yums offers... Wedding Cakes, Cakes, Mini-cakes, Mini-Bundt cakes, Mini-quick cakes, Cookies, Macarons, and Cupcakes. We are not limited to these items and we can discuss making special orders for clients, but special orders will come at a special price.

​ *Changes include cancellations

Your order matters to us! We're looking forward to baking for you!

Thanks for submitting!

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