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Comfort Bakery

Africa's Favorite Treats!

Pound Cake

Your Choice of our Signature Ghanaian Pound cake or the Chocolate version


Signature Cake: $30

*Large sized

Chocolate Cake: $35

*Large sized

Meat Pies

Your Choice of Meat Pie, Fish Pie, Meat Rolls or Fish Rolls


Meat/Fish Pie: $30/dozen

*Minimum of a dozen

Meat/Fish Rolls: $16/dozen

*Minimum of a dozen

Buy 5+ dozens for 10% discount for BOTH pie and rolls


Your Choice of Different Flavor Scones or Our Signature Coconut Tart


Signature Coconut Tart:


*Buy 4+ dozens for 8% discount

Scones: $30/dozen

*Flavors: Plain, Raisin, Blueberry


Your Choice of Baked or Fried Doughnuts


Baked (Ring Donut): $28 per 30 pieces 

*Minimum of 30 pieces


Dry Fried Doughnut/Puff Puff: $100/large tray

$45/small tray

Wet Fried Doughnut/Bofrot: 

$100/large tray

$45/small tray

Small Chops

Your Choice of Salt or Sugar Chips



$120/large tray

 $45/small tray

Achomo/Chin Chin: $120/large tray

$45/small tray

*Event Packages

Packages of Your Choice for Your Event Needs


Packages for Parties, Celebrations, and Funnerals.


Standard Package

Includes: a meat roll, a slice of pound cake, a coconut tart, a baked donut

-- $4.50 per individual package 

*Minimum of 25 pieces


Custom Package

Includes your choice of 4 menu items (not including scones)

-- $5 per individual package

*Minimum of 25 pieces

Get Your African Treats!

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